SmartTiles Updates

These are some important things to note about SmartTiles upgrades.

Install Now
SmartTiles instances that are installed via Install Now option on this site will be upgraded automatically about 3 days after a new version in published on GitHub.

Install via IDE
SmartTiles instances that are manually installed via IDE need to be manually upgraded as well. To upgrade, override existing installation with the new code and don’t forget to publish the app again.

In either case there is no need to uninstall and reinstall SmartTiles. Once published, new version immediately comes into effect. All your settings will remain unaffected for existing installations, this included any custom CSS that was entered via SmartApp preferences.

Starting from version 5.3.0 user will be prompted to review preferences of SmartTiles after each update. This is done in order to initialize the default settings and make sure user is comfortable with them.