Release Notes, Version 5.5.1

New Features

  • Website installs a parent SmartApp called “SmartTiles (Connect)“.
  • SmartTiles (Connect) can spawn up to 5 distinct SmartTiles dashboards (children) which are configured by opening the SmartTiles Connect parent.
  • Installation supports SmartThings UK cloud region (graph-eu01-euwest1).
    Installation Region must be selected at installation time.
  • Live preview of Dashboard now viewable in configuration page, in addition to just the URL for cut/paste.

Other Updates

  • Icons changed to differentiate SmartTiles (Connect), SmartTiles (child), SmartTiles (legacy).
  • “Hello, Home!” label changed to “Routines”.
  • Overall polling rate configurable under Preferences.
  • Stop Motion Video refresh rate configurable.
  • Video streams now occupy the entire tile and scale according to tile size.
  • Default names & labels have child stream number appended (e.g., “SmartTiles [1]”).

The multi-dashboard parent SmartApp SmartTiles (Connect) can only be installed via

Single dashboard legacy versions (e.g., v5.4.2) that were installed via website, will be updated automatically Tue Nov 10, 2015. They will continue to appear as a standalone SmartApp instance separate from SmartTiles (Connect). If you only want a single dashboard, there is no need to install Connect.