Release Notes, Version 5.4.0

New Features

  • Stop Motion video streams for cameras that don’t support Flash.
  • SmartTiles automatically reloads after app preferences changes.
  • Configurable video tile size.


  • Quartz Theme fixes for link, shortcut and battery tiles.
  • Battery icon is now vector based, matches the theme and is customizable via CSS.
  • Added am/pm indicator to Clock tile.
  • Added custom CSS block to Event History view.
  • Large tiles won’t be squished anymore.
  • Video streams now occupy the entire tile and scale according to tile size.
  • Thermostats that are turned off will be disabled rather than displaying “NULL”. This is applicable to Nest thermostat implementation.
  • Thermostat setpoints are rounded off to the nearest whole number. This is applicable to thermostats that display long fractions of a degree.
  • Smart App preference structure made more flat to improve user experience.
  • Default preferences are instantiated properly.
  • Weather tile updates periodically.

Version 5.4 is available at GitHub. Dashboards that are installed via Install Now option will be automatically updated in 3 days.