First Anniversary

On March 9, 2015, Alex Malikov wrote:

It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies… ActiON Dashboard (aka SmartTiles v5.0.0) was in the making for over 6 months. It started as a curiosity, just a toy. It grew with demand, and evolved with the SmartThings community. Driven by the overwhelming support of the community, I envisioned a product that would augment the SmartThings platform with an elegant and accessible user interface. The software that is released today is a product of the entire community, hundreds of users who gave it a chance, provided feedback and tested it in every way imaginable.

Thank you, SmartThings Community!

And here we are, one year later…

SmartTiles is going strong with Version 5.7 released last week; still building upon the original vision and still inspired by the ideas and support of the SmartThings Community. This is the anniversary of the day we launched the website and the super convenient and growth boosting “web based install service“.

We now have thousands of users — with up to 5 unique dashboards each! Some dashboards just contain a carefully selected few device tiles given to younger family members so they can’t get into smart home mischief; some are specialized views of all the home’s temperature sensors, battery levels, or security cameras; and some users have shared snapshots of dashboards with over 100 Tiles — the ultimate all-in-one control panel!

SmartTiles has gone from looking like this:


To looking like these:

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(And many, many variations shared by enthusiastic users and hackers in the SmartTiles Dashboard Theming and Mounting Ideas Community Topic). The search for “perfect” hardware and mounting options continues … while we remain proud that SmartTiles runs on most old smartphones, desktop and TV browsers, and even $40 discount tablets. (Note: The last photo is just one example of what users have accomplished with clever use of Custom CSS to tune and tweak the standard Themes).


What’s Next?

Keep in touch with us over in the SmartThings Community. We’ll keep listening to your feature suggestions, smushing little bugs, admiring your mounts and themes, and pouring lots of effort into the big “V6” overhaul that you’ve heard us hint about many times. We can’t share details until they’re ready… So today we pause and raise a glass in toast to this anniversary, our users, and our generous donors.


Alex Malikov and Terry Gauchat.

Twitter: @SmartTiles