[Resolved] SmartThings platform bug causing SmartTiles Dashboard Creation Error

Due to errors being returned from the SmartThings cloud platform, the SmartTiles Installer is currently unavailable, as of March 20th & 25th, 2016. There is no estimated resolution date/time.

Please check back here from time to time, read updates on our News Page, and follow SmartTiles’s Twitter feed: @SmartTiles

More information about SmartThings platform issues are sometimes posted on their Status Page at status.SmartThings.com ; (Unfortunately, “all clear” on SmartThings status report is not an assurance that the problem impacting us has been resolved.)

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we research this problem with SmartThings developer support.

Further Details:

Users who have SmartTiles Connect (the “parent” SmartApp) installed are reporting that SmartThings’s native mobile App is hanging or crashing when attempting to create a new dashboard (a new “child” SmartApp instance). This has been reported for several other Community Developed SmartApps as well, such as Rule Machine.

SmartThings is aware of the issue and is investigating. Details of the bug have been determined, not the root cause nor possible resolutions.

  • For technical details, you may wish to follow this and similar Topics in the SmartThings Community Forum: Check Your Installed Parent/Child Apps
  • We also encourage you to email:  Support@SmartThings.com ; as that increases visibility of the problem and can help SmartThings prioritize finding a solution. Thank-you.