Release Notes, Version 5.4.0

New Features

  • Stop Motion video streams for cameras that don’t support Flash.
  • SmartTiles automatically reloads after app preferences changes.
  • Configurable video tile size.


  • Quartz Theme fixes for link, shortcut and battery tiles.
  • Battery icon is now vector based, matches the theme and is customizable via CSS.
  • Added am/pm indicator to Clock tile.
  • Added custom CSS block to Event History view.
  • Large tiles won’t be squished anymore.
  • Video streams now occupy the entire tile and scale according to tile size.
  • Thermostats that are turned off will be disabled rather than displaying “NULL”. This is applicable to Nest thermostat implementation.
  • Thermostat setpoints are rounded off to the nearest whole number. This is applicable to thermostats that display long fractions of a degree.
  • Smart App preference structure made more flat to improve user experience.
  • Default preferences are instantiated properly.
  • Weather tile updates periodically.

Version 5.4 is available at GitHub. Dashboards that are installed via Install Now option will be automatically updated in 3 days.

Release Notes, Version 5.3.3


  • Minor CSS tweaks, mostly important for Quartz theme and light tile backgrounds.

Version 5.3.3 is available at GitHub. Dashboards that are installed via Install Now option will be automatically updated in 3 days.

SmartTiles Updates

These are some important things to note about SmartTiles upgrades.

Install Now
SmartTiles instances that are installed via Install Now option on this site will be upgraded automatically about 3 days after a new version in published on GitHub.

Install via IDE
SmartTiles instances that are manually installed via IDE need to be manually upgraded as well. To upgrade, override existing installation with the new code and don’t forget to publish the app again.

In either case there is no need to uninstall and reinstall SmartTiles. Once published, new version immediately comes into effect. All your settings will remain unaffected for existing installations, this included any custom CSS that was entered via SmartApp preferences.

Starting from version 5.3.0 user will be prompted to review preferences of SmartTiles after each update. This is done in order to initialize the default settings and make sure user is comfortable with them.

SmartTiles V5.3

SmartTiles V5.3 introduces a new feature: Event History. This view shows 24 hour activity feed of all devices that are associated with a SmartTiles instance.

This feature is enabled by default. You may turn it off at SmartTiles app preferences.

The number of loaded events is limited to 200 per physical device per 24 hours. If you have a device that generates a lot of noise events, Event History will not display more than the most recent 200 events.

This feature was created in collaboration with @jazzyjayx. Thank you Jay!

The other important feature is the ability to enter Custom CSS via app preferences. This allows customizations of SmartTiles that are installed via Install Now option. This is also advantageous for manual installations, since SmartApp code can be updated without worrying about the custom CSS block.

Release Notes, Version 5.3.0

New Features

  • Event History Tile.
  • Persistent CSS Customizations.


  • Minimum Thermostat temperature changed to 45F and 7C.
  • Updated configuration workflow to encourage user to review preferences after SmartTiles updates.

Version 5.3.0 is available at GitHub. Dashboards that are installed via Install Now option will be automatically updated in 3 days.

SmartTiles V5.2

The latest version SmartTiles V5.2 has been pushed to auto-install stream. You should be able to use Smart Weather tile and take advantage of the bug fixes and new features.

Release Notes, Version 5.2.0

New Features

  • Acceleration/Vibration capability.
  • Luminosity capability.


  • Improved SmartApp configuration work flow for new installations.

Bug fixes

  • Refactoring code to address issues that were introduced with SmartThings Mobile app 1.7, most importantly error when selecting Smart Weather devices.
  • Error when there are no “Hello, Home” phrases.

Version 5.2.0 is available at GitHub. Dashboards that are installed via Install Now option will be automatically updated in 3 days.

SmartTiles Branding

As the project evolved, so did its name and identity. It began as Web Dashboard, then was renamed into ActiON Dashboard.

The project needed a more satisfying and trendy name, something that rings well with SmartThings.

In order to maintain brand consistency, this project will be referred to as SmartTiles. I’m phasing out all references to ActiON Dashboard from, GitHub and new forum discussions.

SmartWeather Tile is broken

SmartWeather Tiles cannot be added to dashboards anymore due to recent back end changes. Existing installations remain unaffected.

Please don’t select SmartWeather Tiles when setting up new dashboards or installation will fail. Pending a fix from SmartThings or me finding a workaround.

Automatic and Manual Updates

As software updates roll out, hosed instances of SmartTiles that are created via Install Now option will be updated 3 days after new code is released on GitHub. This delay is necessary to catch new bugs that may otherwise affect a larger number of users.

Release Notes, Version 5.1.0

New features

  • Option to hide Refresh tile.
  • New theme (Cobalt).


  • SmartApp menu structure.
  • Event subscription.
  • Event scheduling.

Bug fixes

  • Cooling thermostats setpoint not working.
  • Dashboard links opening a new Safari window in read-only mode on iOS devices.

IDE and Dashboard conflict

Please note that the dashboard and the IDE cannot be run simultaneously in the same browser. They compete for a session at and keep disconnecting each other.

While working with the IDE, the dashboard should be temporarily closed. You may still use a different device or browser to run the dashboard.

Release notes, Version 5.0.0

New features

  • Web service installation.
  • Thermostats.
  • Themes.


  • UI tweaks.
  • Infrastructure updates to support current and future functionality.
  • Added icons aliases for better CSS selectors.

Bug fixes

  • Weather not always updating.
  • Water sensor icon state was the inverse of the actual sensor state.
  • Video stream sort order.


To upgrade from version 4.6 to version 5.0, just override the code in the IDE with the latest code from the repository. This time only, make sure to uncheck any devices in “Theme Lights” category before you upgrade. is live!

It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies… ActiON Dashboard was in the making for over 6 months. It started as a curiosity, just a toy. It grew with demand, and evolved with the SmartThings community. Driven by the overwhelming support of the community, I envisioned a product that would augment the SmartThings platform with an elegant and accessible user interface. The software that is released today is a product of the entire community, hundreds of users who gave it a chance, provided feedback and tested it in every way imaginable.

Thank you, SmartThings community!

Today, I launch to give ActiON Dashboard a home! This site will house supporting information and knowledge base. Most importantly, ActiON Dashboard can now be installed via a web service, so you never need to deal with any code again! Instances of ActiON Dashboard that are installed this way will be automatically updated with latest code. As usual, the source is available at GitHub.

Alex Malikov



For the record, this is ActiON Dashboard 6 months ago: