Stop … Get ActionTiles instead!

Out with the old and in with the fabulous… SmartTiles is being replaced by ActionTiles™ with these highlighted advantages and more…

  1. All configuration is browser based. No need to use the little preferences pages in SmartApp config in the SmartThings mobile app.
  2. Events are reflected “instantly” on Tiles (well… as soon as SmartThings itself processes the Event Subscription). This is a huge improvement over the 30 seconds periodic refresh model used by V5.8.
  3. No longer a 5 Panel (dashboard) limit. No longer a single Location limit (Things from any number of Locations can be mixed / matched on any Panels).
  4. No longer a SmartThings driven login timeout. ActionTiles has its own login and password and doesn’t use SmartThings login except to connect the Location once. Our login sessions don’t timeout (or will be configurable), so: No need to use your SmartThings password that grants access to the IDE and native App; no need for cumbersome refresh workarounds or password managers.
  5. Panel sharing is now secure. Does not use access tokenized URLs, but instead you share (and revoke) Panels with any other ActionTiles Account via its email address.
  6. Various feature improvements on various Tile types. Battery level included on the Tiles themselves so Battery Tiles not required (but still available). Dimmer is a highly granular popup instead of just 10 levels on the Tile. … etc.
  7. More Capabilities / Tile Types supported; including full support for Capability Garage Door and individual Routine Tiles.
  8. A powerful back-end platform that will allow us to build all sorts of new features; some obvious and some more innovative (such as, perhaps push notifications, who knows what else!). ActionTiles uses a SmartApp for connection to your Things, but is no longer contained inside the SmartApp. That means we handle nearly all bug fixes and add features without having to repeat the SmartThings approval cycle. Issue handling is very streamlined.



All versions of SmartTiles (but not ActionTiles) are still free for Private Use. You may use the software, but may not duplicate and/or distribute it.

This software and derivatives may not be used for commercial purposes. You may not modify, distribute or sub-license this software. You may not grant a sub-license to modify and distribute this software to third parties.

This software is provided without warranty and the software author/license owner cannot be held liable for damages. We reserve the right to disable the software at any time without notice. We reserve the right to add required fee(s) for all or some features of the software and disable access for non-payment.

Use of the software is also subject to all applicable SmartThings Terms of Use.

Copyright © 2016 Alex Malikov, Terry Gauchat

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