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The SmartTiles Launcher is required for you to be automatically directed to the SmartThings Login Page (and, in turn, your Dashboard), in case you do not already have a valid login session. You need to Login using any valid email & password associated with your SmartThings Account (i.e., the same logins you can use for the SmartThings mobile App).

You can bookmark this page, add to Home Screen or Desktop (creates a “web app” icon that will run in full-screen mode on many platforms). You can also select and copy the URL to email to yourself or family to use on other devices.

The &wait=2 parameter at the end is optional and specifies the number of seconds to wait before automatically redirecting to your Dashboard (or to the login screen for the Dashboard if you are not already logged in). You can set it as low as &wait=0 if you are sure the launcher has the correct parameters and you want a bookmark that redirects immediately.

Dashboard Launcher URL


When you are configuring your SmartTiles Dashboards in the SmartThings mobile app, you need to use the View Dashboard & URL / Get Launcher URL function to display the above screen. Select the full URL and copy/paste it to your mobile browser or to an email to yourself for use on another device.

Tools Menu

The Tools menu contains the following items, some of which are detailed below…



Tile Order

Drag and drop the bar representation of your Tiles into the desired order. Press the Square Box to add a “Blank Tile”. You may need to press the Refresh Icon before you can delete Blank Tiles by pressing the “X”. Changes are saved immediately — there is no way to save and restore your order, so please take care.

Custom CSS

See our detailed Customizing CSS Page, and more information is in the SmartThings Community Forum Topic.

Revoke Access Token

If you still have a valid access_token and are using it for this Dashboard, pressing this will permanently revoke the token and switch you to Email/Password Login authentication. You will be redirected to the Launcher (see above), so you can update your bookmark(s) with the new URL you must use for login based access.


Be sure to logout if you are accessing your SmartTiles Dashboard from an unsecured browser or device.

Open Launcher for Bookmarking

This will jump to the Launcher page for this Dashboard. See Launcher above for more details.

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