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Q: How to define links to other dashboards

Since you will be already logged in when using the link from one Dashboard to another, you shouldn’t use the “smarttiles.me/?app=” Launcher URL; instead, launch the target dashboard, log in, and then use the final URL shown. This URL will not work if you are not logged in to the same Account as the Dashboard you are linking from. In v5.8 of SmartTiles, you cannot link to Dashboards in other Accounts. You might also get errors attempting to login to v5.7 Dashboards.

Legacy FAQ

Q: My Sonos or Hue tile is out of sync with the actual state of device …
A: Check if SmartThings Mobile app displays the track title. If ST doesn’t know what the title is, SmartTiles wouldn’t know either. This happens with Sonos, Hue and other “Labs” devices.

Q: I created a custom Weather device type and I cannot select it in dashboard preferences…
A: SmartTiles only works with stock Weather device type. You will have to modify SmartTiles code to make it work with your custom Weather device type.

Q: I can’t find the source code on GitHub anymore…
A: SmartTiles is now a closed source project. If you have the source code, you may continue using the software. Please respect the software license and do not distribute the code.

Q: I rearranged the tiles, but they seem to be back to the original order…
A: SmartThings is currently experiencing an issue where some SmartApp preferences are temporarily lost. This may manifest itself as tiles order changing arbitrary. There is no workaround at the moment but the tiles may revert to the desired order once servers synchronize.

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4 thoughts on “FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    • Terry Post author

      I will add this to FAQ…
      This has been happening from time to time (hopefully not too frequently!) within various SmartApps that lose some of their “state” data due to SmartThings cloud database issues.

      Go into the regular SmartThings App, pull up your list of installed SmartApps, go into the configuration pages for the SmartTiles SmartApp and the dashboard with the error, and select the “Preferences/ Security/ “Tap to revoke Access Token” option.

      Your dashboard configuration should be preserved; you just need to go back to the “View Dashboard and URL” to get the newly generated and saved URL.

      (There is a chance that Tile sort order may have been lost as well, unfortunately.)