Custom CSS Gallery

by Keaton Hosksins

This page is a collection of SmartTiles Themes gathered from the many contributors on the SmartThings Community – SmartTiles Custom CSS Thread.

You will find three categories below in the TOC. Each Theme will have a screenshot that will show what the theme looks like.

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Complete Themes

Name: White with Grey and Multiple Custom Devices
Author: diehllane


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Name: White/Grey Theme
Author: Swindmiller



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Device Specific Theme

 How to Find your DeviceID

  1. Log into your IDE from one of the following
  2. Go to the “My Devices” tab:
  3. Find the device(s) in the “Display Name” column you need the DeviceID for and select it to open.
  4. Locate and select “List Events” from the device settings page:
  5. You will see a list of events with timestamps, select one of them to open the event:
  6. In the Event page, locate and copy the “deviceId” string:
  7. Use this string for your specific device controls and CSS formatting.


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Custom Formatting

Tiles without specific colors set use this:

Change a specific tile change “.tile” to “.<tiletype>“:

Tile Names:

Change Multiple switches to the same color this is the format:

Create or modify the tiles under themes:

List of Themes:

Change the icon color on the tile you could use:

Change the Text on the tile you use:


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