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[Resolved] Cannot Create New Dashboards on Version v5.7.0-Blue edition

Resolved: May 17, 2016 – 2200h UTC. (Opened: May 11, 2016 – 0230h UTC)

Some SmartTiles users were encountering problems when they try to add/create a new Dashboard under the parent SmartApp “SmartTiles (Connect)” in the Dashboard List section. We think this may be caused by recent SmartThings platform updates and probably only affects users of the original “OAuth shared” edition of SmartTiles. These had a Version number of the form: v5.7.0-xx+006-Blue (instead of “+001” or “+002” with no suffix) and an icon color that is Blue.


Symptoms include:

  • On iOS: When you press the “>” symbol to add/create a new Dashboard, a spinner icon will appear for a few moments then disappear and nothing happens.

  • On Android and Windows Mobile: When you press the “>” symbol to add/create a new Dashboard, a red bar error will appear reading “You are not authorized to perform the requested operation.” and the back button must be pressed to return to SmartTiles (Connect).

Please do not Remove (uninstall) “SmartTiles (Connect)” unless you have no Dashboards you wish to keep: Removing will delete all of your dashboards under that instance/edition and their configurations cannot be recovered!


Official workaround / solution:

  1. Visit the SmartTiles Install Page and run installation again.

  2. You may then find you have 2 instances of “SmartTiles (Connect)” listed under your SmartApps. One will be the “+###-Blue” (e.g., v5.7.0+008-Blue or similar) shared edition with the above problem, the other will be the “+002” (no suffix) published edition that we believe is functioning correctly at this time. You can create up to 5 Dashboards on this published edition and continue to use and modify any still functioning dashboards on the “+###-Blue” edition. You may choose to remove (uninstall) that “+###-Blue” edition to simplify your account; but see warning above: all dashboards will be permanently removed too!

    Both instances of “SmartTiles (Connect)” have the same name and similar icon; we changed the SmartTiles “shared OAuth” edition icon color to blue to help distinguish these two editions, and the Version number has a “-Blue” suffix now.

connect-icon-blue = original installations of “shared OAuth” edition of “SmartTiles (Connect) -Blue”; these installations are restricted from creating new dashboards — the option to Add a dashboard has been removed.

connect-icon[1] = newer installations; the “published” edition of “SmartTiles (Connect)”; these are not affected.

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