Daily Archives: March 2, 2016

Release Notes, Version 5.7.0


Minor bug fixes and new features. Further details, support and discussion at SmartThings Community Topic: SmartTiles Dashboard v5.7.0

Release v5.7.0 being deployed starting Wednesday March 2nd, 2016

You will receive the update automatically.



  • Option to add unlimited “Blank Tiles” (aka: “spacer tiles” or “Tile Separators”) to your layout and arrange them among traditional tiles. These are invisible (and non-clickable) in the Dashboard but can be used for esthetic purposes. To delete any Blank Tiles, use the “Tile Arrangement” function. Further documentation on how to use this feature will follow, but give it a try and let us know what you think and questions you have.

  • Related to “Blank Tiles”, “Device Order” has been renamed to “Tile Arrangement”. You can access the Tile Arrangement page from inside the SmartApp configuration pages, or by temporarily replacing “/ui” in your full Dashboard URL with “/list”, as in: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/api/smartapps/installations/<your_SmartTiles_AppID_from_the_Dashboard_URL>/list ...

  • 24 hour clock format option (vs. 12 hour clock with AM/PM).

  • Static assets (some icons, javascript, css) moved to Firebase by Google (instead of GitHub) for improved performance and reliability. Access of this data is currently not tracked to individual dashboards.


  • All SmartThings schedule related methods removed. Refreshes are handled entirely through JavaScript to isolate SmartTiles from some types of bugs (update/uninstall) whose root cause was traced to scheduler.

  • URI for Stop Motion Video fixed so that “rand” parameter appendage should no longer throw syntax error from some particular video sources.

  • Switch, Light, Dimmer, Lock “toggle” endpoints replaced with with explicit “on/off” (“lock/unlock”) to slightly improve behavior consistency. State of a Tile should always imply what Command will be sent to the Thing.

  • AJAX cache for Internet Explorer disabled.

SmartTiles v5.7


Minor enhancements to configuration options, minor bug fixes. Further details, support and discussion at SmartThings Community Topic: SmartTiles Dashboard v5.7


  • When configuring dashboards, be sure to press the Done button to back out of each page, or settings may not be saved.
  • If you delete the SmartTiles (Connect) parent SmartApp, all 5 child dashboards will be destroyed and cannot be recovered.
  • Development is underway of the SmartTiles V6 platform. No release date has been determined. Within 30 to 90 days after V6 is stable and released, we may be required to disable all past version SmartTiles instances, including all Version 5.x.y.
  • User Support Policy is published at this link on SmartThings Community.
  • We appreciate donations of thanks and encouragement which help enable us to provide ongoing user support and continue development of SmartTiles.

The new multi-dashboard parent SmartApp SmartTiles (Connect) can only be installed via http://SmartTiles.click/install

Single dashboard legacy versions (e.g., v5.4.2 or SmartTiles [0]) that were installed via SmartTiles.click website, will be updated automatically Sun Dec 13, 2015. They will continue to appear as a standalone SmartApp instance separate from SmartTiles (Connect). We encourage you to install SmartTiles (Connect) even if you currently only need a single dashboard. The “Connect” SmartApp takes no resources until child dashboards are defined and active.