Daily Archives: December 11, 2015

Release Notes, Version 5.6.0

Release v5.6.0 was deployed Friday December 11th, 2015.

Minor new features and bug fixes.

Latest general info on SmartTiles is currently posted on SmartThings Community (no login required).

New Features

  • Internal security handling updated per latest updated SmartThings documentation for Access Token Handling.
  • Removed SMS (text message) “send URL” option. SMS is a security risk in case wrong phone number is input, etc.
  • Under “More Tiles” configuration, you can now activate a SHM – Smart Home Monitor pop-up Tile (similar to Mode Tile).
  • Log Level setting (for diagnostic output to IDE Live Logging: US or UK) added under “Preferences” (defaults to “error” only).
  • Added “sballoz” Theme (courtesy of @sballoz).
  • Tile order can now be edited outside of the SmartTiles “SmartApp configuration pages” by going to URL: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/api/smartapps/installations/<your_SmartTiles_AppID_from_the_Dashboard_URL>/list
  • Custrom CSS can now be edited outside of the SmartTiles “SmartApp configuration pages” by going to URL: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/api/smartapps/installations/<your_SmartTiles_AppID_from_the_Dashboard_URL>/css

Other Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Video Tiles can now be deleted/hidden by putting anything in URL that doesn’t start with “http” (currently must be lowercase — case insensitive fix being deployed soon). This now permit hiding (essentially deleting) an unused Video Tile just by masking its URL (even temporarily); e.g., “xhttp://my.videofeed.com/video.cgi“. NB: The native SmartThings App on Android still has a bug preventing users from completely blanking out a preference input field. This URL syntax filter is the recommended workaround we have implemented in the meantime.
  • Fixed fatal error that occurs if an Account/Location has invalid or missing Routines list. Error message is written to Live Logging; so if you have enabled “Routines Tile”, but it is not working, please check the Live Log. We believe that Routines / Phrases data problems are also a SmartThings bug which you should report to Support@SmartThings.com.

The multi-dashboard parent SmartApp SmartTiles (Connect) can only be installed via http://SmartTiles.click/install

Single dashboard legacy versions (e.g., v5.4.2) that were installed via SmartTiles.click website, will be updated automatically Sun Dec 13, 2015. They will continue to appear as a standalone SmartApp instance separate from SmartTiles (Connect).