Daily Archives: July 7, 2015

SmartTiles V5.4

V5.4 is mostly a maintenance release to address SmartThings platform changes, clean up some code, styles and lay groundwork for future updates.

Functional changes include improvements to video and thermostat tiles.

Please note, you may need to rearrange video tiles after this update.

Release Notes, Version 5.4.0

New Features

  • Stop Motion video streams for cameras that don’t support Flash.
  • SmartTiles automatically reloads after app preferences changes.
  • Configurable video tile size.


  • Quartz Theme fixes for link, shortcut and battery tiles.
  • Battery icon is now vector based, matches the theme and is customizable via CSS.
  • Added am/pm indicator to Clock tile.
  • Added custom CSS block to Event History view.
  • Large tiles won’t be squished anymore.
  • Video streams now occupy the entire tile and scale according to tile size.
  • Thermostats that are turned off will be disabled rather than displaying “NULL”. This is applicable to Nest thermostat implementation.
  • Thermostat setpoints are rounded off to the nearest whole number. This is applicable to thermostats that display long fractions of a degree.
  • Smart App preference structure made more flat to improve user experience.
  • Default preferences are instantiated properly.
  • Weather tile updates periodically.

Version 5.4 is available at GitHub. Dashboards that are installed via Install Now option will be automatically updated in 3 days.