SmartTiles is entering legacy status… ActionTiles™ is the hot new replacement for SmartTiles.
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ActionTiles Release Date: March 2017

We have been working very hard to re-engineer (and extensively Beta test!) your favorite smart home dashboard for the ultimate user experience, performance, security and growth. It is finally happening; you have been very patient, thank-you! We are happy to announce that this next generation web-app is now called ActionTiles™ and will be officially released […]


SmartTiles v5.8 Installer Cutoff Date: April 1st 2017

The rollout of ActionTiles continues to progress smoothly, and we have declared this offspring of SmartTiles to be healthy, popular, and adorable! But… The ability to install SmartTiles was only available through April 1st, 2017. The SmartTiles Support / Help Desk was closed on April 16th. All currently installed instances of the “SmartTiles (Connect)” SmartApp (green, blue, and legacy […]


SmartTilesTM is a SmartThings web client…

A perfectly simple smart home Dashboard – “The homepage for your home!”TM

Full Page Web App

Can be set as a “Home Screen/Desktop Icon” on your smartphone or PC/Mac.


Runs on a wall-mounted tablet as a whole-house dashboard control panel.


Runs in any modern browser, regardless of operating system or screen size or portrait/landscape orientation.


Select devices and themes to suit your needs and style.

SmartThings Cloud

Runs entirely in SmartThings Cloud. Has no dependency on third party services.


No user data ever leaves SmartThings Cloud. Dashboard is transmitted using SSL.


Grant and revoke access as needed.

Family Acceptance

Boost your Family Acceptance Factor.


No need to shake your device!


Supported by a vibrant Community of SmartTiles & SmartThings users.


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